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Litter number: 5
Kitten number: 19
Gender: m
Color: buff + white

Nickname: Emperor, Randolfo
Siblings: Jerri

The great and powerful Randy! We used to call him a “benevolent emperor", because he loved to squawk at us when he wanted something. What he usually wanted was to be picked up and held. And when Berry (aka Yogi) got a bottle, Randy wanted a bottle too, even weeks after he was fully weaned. But Randy was quick to purr for us as well, when we paid attention to him and gave him what he wanted.

Randy and Jerri were abandoned siblings, found in a drain pipe near a Walmart when they were less than three weeks old. He was a good eater, quite athletic, and very good-looking, with cool spirals of white on his sides. He and sister Jerri were also avid sucklers, (Randy of Jerri, Jerri of Berry), so we had to isolate them under inverted laundry baskets at night.

Since he came to us so young, Randy stayed at 50K for a long stretch, and became our favorite feline emperor.

Arrival date: 8/21/2006
Departure date: 10/9/2007