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Litter number: 46
Kitten number: 190
Gender: f
Color: gray + white

Siblings: Bolt, Flojo, Spitz

a dilute calico and-or gray tabby mixed with white and fawn coloring, Rhodee was easily the most distinctive looking kitten in her litter. We named her after Olympic sharpshooter Kim Rhodey. Rhodee was the alpha female Olympian, and flipped-flopped with Spitz for second-biggest, behind Bolt. Rhodee was the first of the Olympians to climb to the upper regions of the villa's new cat tree. We learned that when she briefly seemed to be missing; I only found her when she popped her head up from the top pod after I'd spent 20 anxious minutes looking for her.

Rhodee wasn't a big fan of our foster dogs (first Scooby Roo, then Scooter, then Keeta who became Orrie) so she often hid under the end table when we let her explore the back room, even though the dogs were always outside on the deck.

Like Flojo, Rhodee became much more people-oriented after her mom and brothers went home. During her last weeks at 50K, she insisted on being picked up and face-nuzzled when I entered the villa to deliver breakfast or dinner. Rhodee went home along with Flojo, to a nice young couple adopting their first cats.

Arrival date: 7/28/2012
Departure date: 9/30/2012