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Litter number: 49
Kitten number: 205
Gender: m
Color: orange tabby + white

Siblings: Dorito, Niner, Raven

the smallest and weakest of the Superbowlers litter, Bud was the orange-and-white kitten with less white fur than Dorito and more white fur than Niner. Like those two and sister Raven, Bud had a horrible URI that left him unable to nurse. From the start we thought Bud would be the first to perish, but – amazingly – he ended up outliving all three siblings. But by day four, we realized that by continuing to tube-feed him, we were delaying the inevitable. He wasn't recovering, and we didnít want him to suffer. We stopped feeding him after 6pm on day four, and he died overnight.

Arrival date: 1/27/2013
Departure date: 1/31/2013