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Litter number: 53
Kitten number: 219
Gender: f
Color: brown tabby

Siblings: Boxer, Daphne, Callie

by far the biggest of the Eves, Hailey was also the most elusive, sometimes disappearing under the futon during the morning weigh-in. When visitors arrived Hailey was usually the last to emerge, and she often did so with flattened ears. But it only took the usual toys, like Cat Dancer and stringball, to take her mind off her shyness. Hailey looked exactly like Daphne, except for a subtle difference in the black M-shaped marking on her brow. By the end of her stay at 50K, I could usually tell the two apart without having to pick them up.

We often found Hailey and Callie snuggled together on the cat tree, so we were happy when they went home together, to a family with three young children. A 10-year-old girl was happy to share her bedroom with the family's new feline members.

Arrival date: 8/17/2013
Departure date: 10/13/2013