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Litter number: 55
Kitten number: 227
Gender: m
Color: gray tabby

Siblings: Pearly, Brandenburg

Along with black kittens Brandenburg and Pearly, one of the three Gates kittens and our token tabby. Like his sibs, Archie was hissy and hidey at first, but he was the first of his litter to relax and let his playful personality emerge. Archie loved to swat the dangling stringball or snare the Cat Dancer toy whenever we brought it out. He also specialized in tail-baiting, usually by posing under the futon skirt while an unassuming villa mate headed for the water bowl. Archie would pounce on the thirsty kitten's tail and harass it while its owner tried to drink.

Archie came to enjoy being held and groomed by his peeps, as long as they didn't interrupt his romping and wrestling for too long. We were happy to see him go home with tortie sweetheat Li, from the Aussies litter that shared the villa with Gates-ers.

Arrival date: 1/11/2014
Departure date: 2/8/2014