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Litter number: 57
Kitten number: 236
Gender: f
Color: white + black

Siblings: Lupita, Dallas, Hustle

a cow-spotted female with more black and less white fur than Dallas, Sandra developed movie-star looks during her stay at 50K. From the start she was much bigger and stronger than Lupita, rivaling and sometimes outmuscling her brothers. Sandra was the teflon kitten in the Oscars litter, with no noticeable hiccups in her growth curve. She was also the most independent of the Oscars, often rambling around the room while her siblings crawled around on their futon-sitting peeps.

But during her last few weeks at 50K, Sandra became more peep-oriented, especially when she saw the opportunity to climb onto the back of the futon and play with someone's (usually Martha's) hair. She couldn't match Dallas' purr-motor, but she clearly enjoyed being held and stroked and groomed. On graduation weekend, she and Dallas went to foster care with their HT adoption coordinator, who had arranged for Sandra's spay surgery and was going to oversee her recovery.

Arrival date: 2/28/2014
Departure date: 5/10/2014