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Litter number: 58
Kitten number: 238
Gender: m
Color: buff

Siblings: Hudson, Hannay

a super-cute, medium-haired, buff puffball, and one of the three Drifters kittens. The Drifters were found clinging to a downed tree in flood runoff after a rainstorm in Prince Georges County. Homeward Trails put them together with recent mom-cat Polly, whose kittens had been adopted, and Polly was willing to nurse them for several weeks until they were weaned.

When the Drifters arrived at 50K, Caspian was under one pound and the smallest of the three, but he was a diligent eater. He passed Hannay within a few weeks, and almost caught Hudson before leaving 50K.

Caspian was both playful and social. He loved being held and stroked, but he was just as happy to mix it up with his sibs or slap the stringball around. We knew right away his off-the-charts cuteness would find him a home, but were surprised when Hannay and Hudson went home together first. We took in the Knockouts litter and Caspian hissed at them for a day or so before heading home with an older couple in Alexandria. They had just adopted a 3-month-old male tuxedo kitten named Giovanni, and Caspian was going to be his buddy. They gave Caspian the name Sante.

Arrival date: 5/11/2014
Departure date: 6/28/2014