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Litter number: 58
Kitten number: 239
Gender: m
Color: black

Siblings: Caspian, Hannay

an all-black kitten who was the alpha male of the Drifters litter. Like his sibs, Hudson was healthy from the start and well cared for by his surrogate mom-cat Polly. All three Drifters liked to follow Polly around and swat at her tail. In return, she made sure they were safe from visitors, and she wrestled and groomed them to keep them in line.

We always worry that black kittens will have trouble finding a home, but we were cautiously optimistic about Hudson because he was easily the most people-oriented of the Drifters. While we sat on the villa futon, Caspian and Hannay might play with our shoes, but Hudson would plant himself on one of our chests, purr, and give us gentle face-taps with his paw.

When the time came from wrestling and romping, Hudson could easily fend off his sibs, but he never used his size advantage to overpower Caspian or Hannay. We were very happy when a young couple told us they wanted to adopt Hudson and Hannay together – even though H and H both hid under the futon for almost an hour when the couple came to meet them. We knew the Drifters would relax after going home, and that's exactly what happened with Hudson and Hannay. Hudson kept his name. He, Hannay, and their adopters all hit the jackpot.

Arrival date: 5/11/2014
Departure date: 6/26/2014