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Litter number: 60
Kitten number: 244
Gender: f
Color: gray tabby

Siblings: Farrah, Hope, Ursula

a cute gray tabby with trace buff highlights, Ariel was a doppelganger for her much bigger sister Ursula. Ariel was also the most independent and playful of the Angels kittens. While her sibs were crawling over their futon-based peeps, Ariel would fly around the villa, or get completely airborne swatting the dangling string ball.

But as the weeks progressed, Ariel became more affectionate. At morning weigh-in, she would immediately jump from the cat tree to the dresser, hop in the plastic bin, and weigh herself. Ted would deposit her back on the floor, but before he could capture a sibling, Ariel would race up the tree to the dresser and weigh herself again. By the time she went home (to housemates who also adopted Cassady), she was a great mix of play ringleader and face-nuzzling peep cat. Her new mom named her Elsie.

Arrival date: 9/13/2014
Departure date: 10/29/2014