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Litter number: 61
Kitten number: 251
Gender: f
Color: black

Siblings: Jello, Meatloaf, Tabouli

a super-friendly black kitten with a white snowflake on her sternum, Chili was a mellow charmer and one of the four Potluck kittens. Tabouli was her true sister, and Meatloaf and Jello an unrelated sibling pair. While we saw some hissiness between unrelated Potlucks the first week or two, Chili was never one of the hissers. When her peeps were in the villa, she focused all her attention on us, usually by crawling onto our chests and nibbling a button or zipper, or playing with an earring while purring continuously. Chili loved having her belly stroked, and was happy to be held in almost any position. When we put the stringball in play, she would wait until all the other Potlucks had worn themselves out, then stand near the ball and tentatively take a gentle swipe.

When Jello and Meatloaf were adopted straight from the Potlucks' first event, we left Chili and Tabouli in the spacious kitten enclosure for the rest of the weekend, so they could charm passing pedestrians through the plate glass window. It didn't take long for that strategy to pay off: Chili and Tabouli went home the next day with a young cat lover who lived in Rockville and worked in DC. He commented a day later that Chili was on his lap and Tabouli was trying to nap on his keyboard.

Arrival date: 11/16/2014
Departure date: 12/28/2014