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Litter number: 61
Kitten number: 252
Gender: f
Color: calico

Siblings: Jello, Meatloaf, Chili

a beautiful dilute calico and one of the four Potluck kittens, along with her true sister Chili. From the start Tabouli was the most independent and play-oriented of the Potlucks. She was also the biggest and strongest, challenging Meatloaf to wrestling matches that she invariably won. When we lowered the dangling stringball, Tabouli and Meatloaf would leap into action, frequently leaving the floor at crazy angles to make contact with the unpredictable ball. Since Jello and Meatloaf were strangers to her until she arrived at 50K, Tabouli was hissy toward them at first, but she eventually learned to keep her assertiveness in check. While Jello made biscuits on our bellies and Meatloaf restyled our hair, Tabouli would perch nearby on the wicker basket and watch.

During her last two weeks at 50K, she started to climb onto the futon to greet us, joining the other Potlucks. By the time we took her to her first adoption event, Tabouli was crawling onto our laps and purring, and we knew we had an emerging peep-cat on our hands. Her combination of energetic playfulness, great looks, and developing social skills won her a home. She went home with Chili to a young but experienced cat adopter.

Arrival date: 11/16/2014
Departure date: 12/28/2014