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Litter number: 62
Kitten number: 253
Gender: m
Color: orange tabby

Siblings: Duncan, Dee

one of two lookalike brothers in the 3D litter. Unlike his orange tabby brother and his tuxie sister, Dryfus was a confident, playful peep-lover from day one. While Duncan and Dee retreated under the futon when we entered the villa, Dryfus would ramble toward our feet and purr while we picked him up.

The 3Ds arrived from Wetzel County, WV as bigger kittens, so they just needed socialization and a chance to get over some minor URI symptoms. Within a week they were attracting the interest of potential adopters.

Our first visitors, a young couple who had recently relocated from California, were treated to playfulness from Dryfus and a sustained lap-cat act from Duncan, while Gus worked the periphery and Dee hid under the futon. The couple was pre-approved for adoption, so they decided to take Dryfus and Duncan straight home. Dryfus was renamed Maverick.

Arrival date: 1/4/2015
Departure date: 1/10/2015