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Litter number: 62
Kitten number: 254
Gender: m
Color: orange tabby

Siblings: Dryfus, Dee

the shyer of two lookalike orange tabby brothers, Duncan was differentiable from Dryfus by the hipster orange spots on his white cheeks and chin. When we spent time hanging out with the 3Ds, we noticed that Duncan and Dee were just as play-oriented as their more social brother Dryfus, so we knew they would eventually warm up to people.

For Duncan, the trajectory was apparent during his week-long stay at 50K. By Saturday he was comfortable being held by the young couple who visited in search of adoptable kittens. While Dryfus chased dangling cat toys, Duncan sat in the lap of his potential dad and purred steadily.

That helped close the deal, and the 3D orange tabby brothers went home together at the end of the visit. Duncan was renamed Goose, to Dryfus's Maverick. A top outcome for two Top Guns.

Arrival date: 1/4/2015
Departure date: 1/10/2015