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Litter number: 62
Kitten number: 255
Gender: f
Color: tuxedo

Siblings: Dryfus, Duncan

a tuxie female whose 3D brothers Dryfus and Duncan were lookalike orange tabbies. The 3Ds arrived at 50K as bigger kittens with uneven social skills. While Dryfus was an outgoing ambassador, Dee and Duncan were both elusive at first. At morning weigh-ins, Ted usually had to lure Dee out from under the futon with a string or Cat Dancer. If that didn't work, he had to crawl under and grab her.

Predictably, Dee's hiding tendency didnít win over the potential adopters who visited and were able to play with or hold Dryfus, Duncan, and Gus. Dryfus and Duncan went home with the first couple and Gus went home with the second, leaving Dee alone at 50K.

We moved her upstairs, and within a day she opened up and became much more people oriented. After two full days in the office with Ted and sleeping with both of us, Dee was ready for spay surgery. We handed her off to an HT volunteer, and she was set to be paired with another kitten or two after her recovery.

Arrival date: 1/4/2015
Departure date: 1/13/2015