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Litter number: 62
Kitten number: 256
Gender: m
Color: brown-black tabby

Siblings: unknown

a gorgeous older kitten who spent a single night at 50K. On Friday we integrated Gus (who was about 5 months old) with the 3D trio, who were about a month younger. Gus hissed a few times and spent most of Friday afternoon under the futon, but by Saturday morning he was comfortably strolling around the villa, holding his head and ears high. He was friendly and mellow, and we knew his unusual black and brown marbling would catch the eye of adopters.

Sure enough, we were visited by a young couple on Saturday afternoon. They lived with the woman's parents and two cats, but wanted a cat-friendly feline of their own. After meeting several HT cats, they settled on Gus and took him home the same day. They named him Malcom and called him Mal for short.

Arrival date: 1/9/2015
Departure date: 1/10/2015