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Litter number: 63
Kitten number: 257
Gender: f
Color: black tabby + white

Siblings: Newton

a striking brown tabby with expansive white highlights, and one of the two Pi “boys” who arrived from the Rockbridge shelter on Pi Day 2015. Their eyes were still closed and they were less than a week old.

We decided the two kittens were males and gave them Pi-themed names. We named their brown-tabby mom Raz. Raz was completely healthy and had plenty of milk for two, so Yann and Newton became our first kittens in years to receive no supplemental feeding or meds of any kind.

Despite their great condition they were naturally cautious, and it took them days to venture outside the nest after their eyes opened. Yann was even more tentative than Newton. But like most kittens, they began to test their muscles at 5 or 6 weeks, and soon were sprinting around the room and scaling the cat tree in a flash.

Yann and Newton were adopted just after they reached 10 weeks, by the first potential adopter they met. They’d been scheduled for neutering a few days before heading home, but to our great surprise the vet clinic informed us that both kittens were girls!

Their spay was postponed but they went home on schedule, with a young mom who’d grown up with a cat in her family. She renamed Yann after the architect Mies van der Rohe, or Mies for short.

Arrival date: 3/14/2015
Departure date: 5/21/2015