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Litter number: 7
Kitten number: 26
Gender: m
Color: brown tabby + white

Siblings: unknown

We called Drew the "movie star" because he was a gorgeous brown and white tabby who just exuded personality from the minute he came through the door. When we brought him in as a singleton to keep Hobie company, he immediately made himself at home and cuddled right up with Hobie, on what turned out to be Hobie's last night with us.

Drew also inhaled an entire can of food and then threw it right back up – we thought because he'd eaten too fast, but really because he was already sick. He started going downhill quickly, and we fed him slurry with a syringe for days trying to keep him going. We never got a photo of him – at first because we were so distraught about losing Hobie, and later because we were so distraught about his decline and so focused on trying to keep him alive.

Over the course of his week at 50K, Drew got weaker and weaker. We finally took him back to the shelter, where a vet gave him a blood transfusion. That wasn't enough to save him. Losing two fosterlings back-to-back was a depressing blow – but also a learning experience. We used what we learned with Drew to later help save other sick kittens. We know that our movie star would have been a great cat had he lived.

Arrival date: 6/18/2007
Departure date: 6/26/2007