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Litter number: 64
Kitten number: 262
Gender: m
Color: marbled tabby

Siblings: Viv, Hannah, Elle

an elegant marbled black tabby, and the only male of the four Palindromes kittens, Otto was an enigma to us for several weeks. At first he ate well, and shortly after weaning he was briefly the biggest Pal. Then we started finding little puddles of vomit on the floor and Otto started stalling out, losing weight one day and regaining it the next. One by one his sisters passed him, leaving him 15% smaller at his low point.

Otto liked being held, purring quietly while we stroked him, and didn't seem interested in (or maybe capable of) joining wrestling matches and games of stringball. Instead he would stake out a prime viewing location on the side table or wicker chest and watch his sisters go at it.

We knew Otto was on the upswing when the puddles disappeared and he started gaining weight steadily. Soon we began finding him atop the cat tree, surveying the action below. While he never really engaged in stringball sessions, he got bigger and stronger and more confident every week. By the time we dropped the Pals at PetMAC DC before leaving for our vacation, Otto was a mellow, friendly, great-looking super-kitten and the biggest and strongest Palindrome. While we were in Colorado he went home to a lucky family along with his sister Hannah.

Arrival date: 5/14/2015
Departure date: 8/26/2015