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Litter number: 65
Kitten number: 263
Gender: f
Color: black

Nickname: Havana Banana
Siblings: Buena, Gonzalo, Daiquiri

The only medium-haired kitten in the Cubanos foursome, Havana arrived at 50K underweight and with her hindquarters covered in dried poop, after an extended case of diarrhea at her previous foster home. A thorough bath on day one cleaned her up, but it took over a week of meds to overcome the diarrhea, so one bath wasn’t enough.

Once her GI tract settled down, Havana’s fluffy black hair made her the cutest Cubano, even though she then developed a nasty URI that briefly glued her left eye shut.

We put all the Cubanos back on Clavamox, added lysine to their food, and gave Havana, Gonzalo, and gray mom-cat Asia two ccs of Viralys per day. Even when Havana felt snuffly and congested, she was the most affectionate and outgoing of the Cubanos. After three weeks her URI cleared up, a few days before we took the Cubanos to a PetMAC event and left them there. Her URI symptoms returned, so the Cubanos gang was transferred to another foster home.

Arrival date: 5/20/2015
Departure date: 6/13/2015