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Litter number: 65
Kitten number: 264
Gender: f
Color: black

Siblings: Havana, Gonzalo, Daiquiri

A short-haired black female and one of mom-cat Asia’s four Cubanos kittens. Like her sibs, Buena had diarrhea when she arrived at 50K, but was active and eating well. Unlike her sibs, she wasn’t severly underweight. After a cocktail of meds finally got their digestive systems straightened out, Buena and the Cubanos became a well-groomed, friendly, and playful litter, with B typically leading the fun and games.

Buena qualified as a teflon kitten because she sidestepped the persistent URI that plagued Havana, Gonzalo, and mom-cat Asia. While Gonzalo and Daiquiri were usually ready to wrestle or romp with her, Buena consistently came out on top, maintaining her alpha-kitten status. Buena and her sibs attended an adoption event at PetMAC in DC and stayed there overnight, then moved to another foster home to keep their URIs from flaring up again.

Arrival date: 5/20/2015
Departure date: 6/13/2015