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Litter number: 66
Kitten number: 268
Gender: m
Color: tuxedo

Siblings: unknown

a tuxie kitten who was half of the Odd Couple along with orange tabby Cheeto, his (we suspect) unrelated "brother." When they came to 50K, Felix and Cheeto had stopped eating and Felix was having trouble using his hind legs. He wasn't vomiting and didn't have diarrhea, so we wondered if this was another case of the unusual "Gem Fever" that struck the Gems litter.

We syringe-fed Felix slurry and Nutrical, and he started nibbling dry food within a couple of days, just as Cheeto started losing coordination in his back legs. Felix regained weight and turned playful, though he still tended to retreat and flee when reached for. But like Cheeto, he purred loudly when held and stroked or flea-combed.

As Cheeto rebounded and started playing with his favorite mousie, Felix began to engage him in wrestling matches, invariably winning (since recovering first gave him a weight advantage) and walking off with Cheeto's mousie. But the boys cuddled together for naps. When they were both feeling good, we transferred them to PetMAC DC to make room for Joyce and the Jewels.

Arrival date: 9/21/2015
Departure date: 10/2/2015