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Litter number: 68
Kitten number: 274
Gender: f
Color: tortie + white

Siblings: Nimue, Arther, Merlin

a gorgeous tortie with symmetric white highlights on her chest, face, and paws, Morgana was the squawkiest of the Camelot kittens, always protesting vociferously when we snatched her up for morning weigh-ins. She was also a gung-ho stringball player, and would keep playing long after her bigger sibs Nimue and Merlin had walked away.

After Nimue went home, a young couple came to visit Morgana but had to settle for playing with Merlin while Morgana hid under the futon with mom Gabby. Until we introduced the laser pointer, which immediately lured her out. Morgana proceeded to close the deal and went home with the couple that day. They introduced her to their playful 4-year-old orange long-haired female, who became Morgana's best feline friend. And they gave Morgana a cool new name: Twix!

Arrival date: 11/2/2015
Departure date: 12/13/2015