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Litter number: 8
Kitten number: 28
Gender: f
Color: black + white

Nickname: Miz Kiz, Kizzie Wizzy, Kizzie Wi
Siblings: Keddy, Lefty, Ry

Kizzie was the absolute runt of her litter – about half the size of her three brothers – but with way more than enough moxie to make up for her small size! She had these tiny little toothpick legs, but she could mix it up with the boys without trouble and was a whirlwind of activity. She could also climb the bed by herself before she ever hit one pound, which is the standing record at 50K ranch. When her brothers were big enough to go back to the shelter, Kiz stayed behind to catch up on her growing. We brought home three roly-poly pale puff balls to keep her company: Peaches, Genghis, and Rooney.

Ha! Kizzie wanted no part of these babies! They would be rolling around in a pile, and she would stalk the perimeter, hissing. We called her the Wicked Witch – flying around the room on her broomstick, hissing at the newcomers. She was really put out that we had exchanged her rough-and-tumble brothers with these cream puffs. But, in time, her sense of fun prevailed, and she couldn't help but join in their games, although she was far more coordinated than they were.

Kiz was naturally attracted to Rooney, who was the alpha in that litter, because he could give her the best run for her money. We were pleased when Kizzie and Rooney ended up being adopted together – Kiz, renamed Lola, needed a partner in crime.

Arrival date: 7/2/2007
Departure date: 9/10/2007