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Litter number: 1
Kitten number: 3
Gender: m
Color: gray + white

Nickname: Suki-yaki
Siblings: Jeff, Marco, Wally

Suki was a friendly, roly-poly gal who really liked her food! She would start climbing our pant legs and work all the way up our bodies try and get as close to the dish as possible before we could put it down for the kits to eat.

Our friends Elizabeth and Joe adopted Suki and Wally, and when they picked her up from the shelter, they were told she was a he! They felt Suki was a little feminine for a boy, and Suki became Sasha. Sasha grew up to be a solid, sleek, confident fellow.

Arrival date: 11/21/2005
Departure date: 12/5/2005