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Litter number: 9
Kitten number: 33
Gender: m
Color: orange tabby

Siblings: Genghis, Peaches

Arrived at 50K along with siblings Genghis and Peaches. Like them, Rooney had serious URI symptoms, including a hacking cough that we hadn't heard from any previous fosterlings. But while the scary cough didn't disappear right away, Rooney never lost the ability to smell his food. Since he kept eating, he kept growing, and grew steadily bigger and stronger.

Rooney was the clear alpha kitten among his three siblings, but that didn't make him the top kitten at 50K. When Rooney, Genghis and Peaches arrived, Sheriff Kizzie was still in town.

When we took the male Dominos (Keddy, Lefty, and Ry) back for neutering, Kizzie was still under the weight threshold of 2.5 lbs. The boys were all at or near 3 lbs, and we didn't want to hold them back. We dropped them off and picked up Rooney, Genghis and Peaches… a fateful move for all six kittens.

Kizzie was unimpressed with the uncoordinated and scraggly new arrivals, and hissed dismissively at them for the first few days. But because she was a born play-machine and inherently good-natured, Kizzie couldn't hold out for long. Eventually she decided Rooney was worth her attention. A month older but only a little bigger than Rooney, Kizzie showed him the ropes, kicking his butt in every kind of activity the playground had to offer.

By the time we took them back to the shelter together, Rooney could out-wrestle Kizzie, and the two were best friends. (Genghis and Peaches weren't ready yet, and would stay at 50K for many more weeks.) In the only happy outcome for the Dominos litter, Kizzie and Rooney were adopted together, the same day they were put on view.

Arrival date: 8/6/2007
Departure date: 9/10/2007