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Litter number: 12
Kitten number: 39
Gender: f
Color: brown tabby + white

Nickname: Crazy-cat
Siblings: unknown

We first met Chrissy in the shelter's "isolation room" when we dropped by to check on Peaches. We'd returned her a week prior, and she'd been spayed and put "on view" for adoption. When Peaches wasn't adopted right away, her URI symptoms returned, and she started to lose weight. After a few days, she looked skinny and enervated, so the shelter staff took Peaches off-view and put her into a kennel with three other female kittens who were still a little below 2.5 lbs.

When we found Peaches and started to greet her, Chrissy climbed halfway up the bars, pushed her face against them, stared at us, and howled! Peaches, Jodi and Paige lounged contentedly behind her. The shelter tech in charge readily accepted our offer to take all four kits back to 50K for a little fattening-up.

The smallest (and by far the most vociferous) of the lot, Chrissy stayed with us for over six weeks. We learned that she'd been at the shelter for several weeks already, and that due to her assertive personality, was known to the entire staff. She was one of several kittens who'd been raised in a "kitten office" at the shelter, since all the foster homes were full.

When we let her loose at 50K, Chrissy reset the bar for frenetic activity. She had only two modes: asleep and manic. We always knew when she woke up in the bunkhouse, because we'd hear an endless stream of paw-thumps against the door, accompanied by a plaintive chorus of mewing.

When we let her out and then jumped back in bed, she'd be on top of us before we could lie down. Her favorite form of greeting: sneezing on your face and then play-biting your nose. We learned to grin and bear it.

When we took her back on Christmas morning, she was over 3.5 lbs, but still a bit sneezy. Chrissy was cute and outgoing, so we knew she'd be adopted quickly. But we wondered if she would stay adopted, once her new family realized they had brought-home a face-sneezing, nose-biting whirlwind of affection. I guess it worked out!

Arrival date: 11/3/2007
Departure date: 12/25/2007