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Litter number: 12
Kitten number: 41
Gender: f
Color: brown tabby + +

Siblings: unknown

Paige, Jodi, Chrissy, and Peaches were all together in the infirmary at the shelter when we came to pick up Peaches. Paige had been on view and had had people who wanted to adopt her, but she had developed a URI, so the shelter didn't want to release her until she recovered.

We took the whole bunch of them home to recuperate together. Paige was the most stand-offish of the bunch, but she had gorgeous markings that reminded me of paisley. She really liked her toys and she and Jodi had a lot of fun playing soccer on the playground.

We tried to handle her a lot to get her a little more peep-friendly, and by the time she left us, she was very affectionate and enjoyed being held and petted. I guess her original adopters gave up on her during her lengthy recuperation, but she found a new home right away when she returned to the shelter.

Arrival date: 11/3/2007
Departure date: 11/29/2007