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Litter number: 13
Kitten number: 44
Gender: f
Color: torbie

Nickname: Lolliford
Siblings: Chaz, Cooney, Pepper, Posey, Ringo

One of six siblings from an all-time great litter, and nearly an identical twin to sister Posey. Lolly and Posey were drop-dead-gorgeous medium-haired torbies that we called the Glamor Twins.

When we took this litter to the vet or to the shelter, everyone we encountered dropped what they were doing to ooh and ahh over Lolly and Posey. Especially Lolly, who we identified by the little crescents of white fur on her front paws.

Lolly was the smallest kit in her litter, and she was still an ounce or two below 2.5 lbs when we took the whole gang back to the shelter. The staff decided not to spay her until she reached weight, and since they only spay once a week, that meant Lolly would have to cool her heels for a week at the shelter.

We took her back to 50K as a solo inmate for a week instead. During that week she became an even more affectionate people-cat, while preserving her happy-go-lucky play-oriented mentality.

When she made weight and we took her back to the shelter, she was practically a movie star, and was adopted the moment she became eligible.

Arrival date: 1/3/2008
Departure date: 2/17/2008