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Litter number: 13
Kitten number: 49
Gender: m
Color: brown tabby + white

Nickname: Rumbo
Siblings: unknown

When I took Tyler and Star, or Peaches and Chrissy, to see the visiting vet at the shelter on a couple of occasions in Dec '07, I noticed a tiny and sad-looking little brown-and-white tabby by himself in a kennel in the receiving room. His kennel card said his name was Rumpole, and his weepy eyes and crusty nose told the story we'd lived with at 50K all year: URI.

I asked one of the techs about him, and she said he was on Clavamox and had already been there a couple of weeks. They didn't want to send him out for fostering until he overcame his URI, because they didn't want him to infect any other kits. The shelter was also trying not to send solo kittens out for fostering.

I was sad for Rumpole, but understood, based on our experience with Peaches (URI) and Hobie (sick solo kitten). Looking at the pathetic little guy, I thought Rumpole had little chance to make it by himself at the shelter. But if we took him to 50K, he might bring down Tyler and Star.

When we got back from vacation and went to pick up our six-kitten litter, I was surprised to hear the coordinator ask if we'd be OK with taking Rumpole as well. "He's still alive?" I thought. Sure!

So Rumpole came home with us, and I was shocked when I saw him. His URI symptoms were entirely gone, and he was a long, lean, healthy brown-and-white tabby!

His stay at 50K was his first chance to play with other kittens, and as Martha pointed out, he scored right away: when we peeked into the bunkhouse the first evening, he was napping between Lolly and Posey!

Rumpole had a great time as the imported alpha kitten of this Brady Bunch litter, and we loved having him here. He got along well with all the other kittens (even Henry), and played every game there was to play.

We're still amazed at the perseverance Rumpole showed during his weeks at the shelter. Even though the staff was solicitous of him, being sick and alone is usually a fatal combination for a young kitten.

He found his permanent home right away, and none of our fosterlings ever deserved it more.

Arrival date: 1/3/2008
Departure date: 2/4/2008