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Litter number: 14
Kitten number: 50
Gender: m
Color: buff

Nickname: Benzini
Siblings: Blue, Ham, JJ, Otter

Arrived at 50K as the smallest member of what became one of our favorite litters. Benny got his name (at least partly) because he reminded me of TC's rotund little sidekick in the cartoon "Topcat".

Benny had some trouble with his appetite and digestion during his first few weeks with us, and he temporarily became an outside-the-box pooper. Later we identified Benny as the litter's "phantom vomiter" at least until it became clear that there were multiple contenders for that title.

While it took Benny a while to find his stride and grow strong, he was one of our friendliest kittens from day one. At first he looked exactly like Ham, and it was hard to tell the two brothers apart. Over time it became easy; Benny was the little buff guy who would always run to our feet when we entered the room, or climb up on the bed to greet us.

By the time he graduated from 50K, Benny was an energetic and confident little guy with a good attitude and a wide belly. His adopters chose him the day after he went on view at the shelter.

Arrival date: 4/7/2008
Departure date: 5/27/2008