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Litter number: 14
Kitten number: 52
Gender: m
Color: buff

Nickname: Hamster, Hambone, the Hamburgler
Siblings: Benny, Blue, JJ, Otter

Ham was the alpha kitten in his litter, which was one of our all-time favorites. What a friendly, outgoing guy! We had a hard time telling him and his buff brother, Benny, apart at first, although Ham quickly outpaced Benny in size.

Ham and the rest of his siblings were very peep-oriented, but also loved to play with each other. We were relieved when they were all adopted into homes with other cats or kittens.

We were lucky enough to get a slide show of photos of Ham – now named Ozzie – in his new home. He looked very happy and loved, with a new sister, Oprah, and a stuffed monkey that he loved to sleep with!

Arrival date: 4/7/2008
Departure date: 5/27/2008