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Litter number: 15
Kitten number: 56
Gender: m
Color: black

Nickname: Whitey-man
Siblings: Uno, Poe, Nickel

Named for a small tuft of white fur on his breast that distinguished Whitey from his three siblings in the Nanos litter. At first, that white tuft was the only way we could distinguish Whitey from the other Nanos. We later noticed that the last half-inch of his tail was kinked, and always bent at the 45-degree angle!

Along with Nickel, Whitey was one of the two Nanos to survive. He arrived at 50K when he was only a few days old and weighed just 3.8 oz. His eyes hadn’t opened yet and his umbilical cord was still attached. The weakest of the four Nanos during the first few days, Whitey was the last to develop symptoms of fading-kitten syndrome. Clavamox killed off his bacterial infection before it reached critical mass, and Whitey avoided the downward slide that afflicted his siblings.

Whitey began to thrive once he had defeated his intestinal and systemic ailments. He and Nickel gained weight steadily and turned into “the Boyz”, a couple of fun-loving goofballs who seemed a little less like kittens and a bit more like puppies than our usual fosterlings. Like Nickel, Whitey would run to greet us when we opened the door to the 50K playground, and occasionally jailbreak between our legs. When he was surprised by a sudden gesture from Nickel or us, Whitey would arch his back and hiss briefly. When we were lying down and the Nanos climbed on us, we could identify Whitey with our eyes closed by feeling the kink in his tail.

Losing Uno and Poe was a tough blow, but Whitey and Nickel’s success provided a rewarding, feel-good conclusion to our experience with the Nanos.

Arrival date: 5/21/2008
Departure date: 7/30/2008