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Litter number: 15
Kitten number: 58
Gender: m
Color: black

Nickname: Nickel-Pickle
Siblings: Uno, Whitey, Poe

Along with Whitey, Nickel started off as one the two weaker and smaller Nanos. But he surprised us by winking his eyes open before any of his siblings did.

Like Uno, Poe, and Whitey, Nickel was beset by both gastrointestinal and systemic infections a week or so after he was separated from his mother. Fortunately, we were able to find the right drug cocktail for Nickel before he traveled very far down the fading-kitten path. A few days after we began his Clavamox regimen, Nickel was eating so well that he caught up to and passed Whitey in size and strength. He remained the bigger and stronger of our two Nanos “puppycats.”

Unlike Whitey, Nickel didn’t have any distinguishing features, but he always seemed a little silkier and better groomed than his brother. If you looked hard at his fur, and the light was right, you could see faint tabby stripes within his black coloring. Though both Nanos enjoyed greeting and climbing on their “peeps”, Nickel was the more social brother. He purred readily when we picked him up and held him.

Like Whitey, Nickel wasn’t much of a climber or jumper, but he loved to run and wrestle with his brother. When the wrestling got too intense, Nickel would squeak like a toy mouse – even though he was usually getting the best of the fight. His squeaking triggered many laughs at 50K, and our experience with Nickel was one of the highlights of the 2008 fostering season.

Arrival date: 5/21/2008
Departure date: 8/22/2008