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Litter number: 16
Kitten number: 59
Gender: m
Color: patch tabby

Siblings: Samara, Shilo, Sylvia, Sumner

When we got Sonet (who, like the other Vixens, came already named), he was listed as a girl, and although we didn’t feel too sure about that, we didn’t change our minds and call him a boy officially for about a week. Although not as big as his brother, Sumner, Sonet was the first Vixen to eat out of a spoon, and then a dish…leading the way in what was a long weaning process for the Vixens. With his fabulous spotted markings and patchy coloring, Sonet resembled his mother, Julia. Sonet was very territorial with his toys, however. He would take a mousie and march it around the room in his mouth, growling at any sibling that got close.

With his good looks and playful personality, it wasn’t a surprise that he was adopted shortly after going on view at the shelter. We heard that his adopters named him Cooper, which we think is a good fit. They love him and reported that he was into everything, including climbing the curtains…Sonet! We raised you better than that!

Arrival date: 6/10/2008
Departure date: 8/22/2008