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Litter number: 2
Kitten number: 6
Gender: f
Color: brown tabby + white

Nickname: fatty Patty
Siblings: unknown

Patty was practically feral when we got her – a hisser and hider with a bad case of conjunctivitis in one eye. She was a week or two older than and unrelated to her bunkmates Angie, Sally and Stuart.

To prevent her from turning the other kits into people-fearers, we put Patty into her own room (Pattytown), where we were her only possible companions. After many hours with Ted in Pattytown (and frequent doses of idoxuridine for her eye), Patty tentatively emerged from behind the stereo speakers and befriended us.

When we took her back to the shelter, we were concerned she'd languish there and regress, but she was very lucky to be adopted with a studly young adult male cat named Mogli. Patty is one of our favorite success stories.

Arrival date: 1/9/2006
Departure date: 1/30/2006