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Litter number: 16
Kitten number: 60
Gender: f
Color: patch tabby + white

Siblings: Sonet, Shilo, Sylvia, Sumner

Samara was probably the most unforgettable kitten in the litter we called the Vixens. With her gorgeous coloring (inherited from her Mom, Julia, who we also fostered), cool stripes, and black-spotted nose, she was one of the all-time cutest fosterlings at 50K. But she also knew how to trigger moments of sheer anxiety in her foster parents.

When she was only a few weeks old, we discovered her squawking under the bed, separated from her Mom and siblings. When we picked her up, she seemed limp and stricken, unable to focus her eyes or control her limbs. We gave her saline, wrapped her in towels, and put her in a carrier, half expecting to find her dead the next morning. Instead she toddled out for breakfast, fully alert.

And then there was the time she escaped the villa to go head-to-head with Chase and Khola for five minutes, unbeknownst to us. Or the time she was trapped for hours in the vertical cardboard tube, and nearly suffocated.

While she may have used up a couple of her nine lives during her stay with us, Samara also blossomed into a friendly, fearless, and completely normal kitten, who loved both running and wrestling with her siblings and hanging out with her peeps.

As we expected, Samara was adopted during our Yosemite vacation, very soon after she was spayed and went "on view" at the shelter.

Arrival date: 6/10/2008
Departure date: 8/22/2008