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Litter number: 2
Kitten number: 7
Gender: f
Color: brown tabby + white

Siblings: Angie, Stuart

Sally was a kitten very close to our hearts. She developed a nasty URI, quit eating, and could hardly breathe. We were unfamiliar with this condition and didn't know to try and force feed her with a syringe, but we ended up feeding her formula, which she would lap out of a bowl. We would steam the bathroom up to help her breathe…a trick we were destined to use many more times with future fosterlings.

After Sally recovered from the URI, she developed ringworm, and rather than watch her sit in isolation at the shelter, we brought her home to recover for about four more weeks while we treated her with vile sulfur baths, which she tolerated with aplomb. She also didn't mind being by herself, her siblings long adopted, but she loved for us to play fetch with her...we would throw her the mousie and she would bring it back to us!

We received photos of her in her new home, where her adopter reported she was a wonderful addition.

Arrival date: 1/9/2006
Departure date: 3/14/2006