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Litter number: 18
Kitten number: 72
Gender: f
Color: tortie

Nickname: Cy-pie
Siblings: Milo, Ella, Vera, Lark

When I went to the shelter to pick up the Eels and bring them to 50K, our coordinator pointed out that one of the three tortie sisters was significantly smaller than her siblings. That was Laura (we think), who we renamed Cider, because she had lots of interesting amber “spill marks” across her paws and face. The coordinator advised us to make sure that this undeweight tortie (you could easily feel her ribs) didn’t get shunted aside at meals by her stronger littermates.

We did, and by the time she left 50K Cider was easily the biggest and strongest of the tortie Eels. Cider was also the most independent Eel; she was happy to be picked up and held for 20 or 30 seconds, but then usually wanted to get back on her feet and regain her freedom. Along with the other Eels, Cider would hop up on the bed to visit with us, but then we’d lose sight of her after a minute or two.

Cider also demonstrated her independence by occasionally deciding to poop in the dry food dish (until we replaced the dish with two coffee mugs), or pee on the bed blanket. Since she usually patronized the litter box, we’re not sure why she sprung these surprises on us once in a while, but we think she may have considered sharing one litter box between five kittens to be a little too communal for her tastes.

During her stay with us, Cider grew into a healthy, gorgeous tortie. While she was the last of the tortie Eels to find a home, we were happy to see her adopted during the holiday season by a young woman.

Arrival date: 11/13/2008
Departure date: 12/19/2008