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Litter number: 18
Kitten number: 73
Gender: f
Color: tortie

Nickname: Vera Lynn
Siblings: Milo, Ella, Cider, Lark

Though her coloring was nearly identical to that of her siblings Cider and Lark, Vera was identifiable from the beginning by the amber stripe that ran down the center of her nose. The stripe reminded us a little of her predecessor Pierre. Vera was named Laurie originally, and since her siblings were named Laura and Lavena, we decided to scrap all three names in order to preserve our sanity. We named Vera after WW II chanteuse Vera Lynn, aka the Forces’ Sweetheart, because (like her tabby pseudo-sib Ella), Vera was always ready to sing for her supper.

The name was also apt because Vera became the most affectionate and people-oriented Eel. If Lark was the most athletic and Cider the most independent, Vera was the Eel that was happy to curl up on top of us and purr away while her siblings played. Sometimes she would just close her eyes and snooze while the games went on around her, which we found surprising and endearing. We occasionally wondered if Vera felt enervated, but those concerns were always dispelled when we’d see her spring back into action by climbing the ladder or chasing a ping-pong ball.

From start to finish Vera was a low-maintenance kitten; while she spent a week or so contending with diarrhea and stalled weight gain, she never lost her appetite and always used the litter box. None of the Eels ever needed to see a vet during their stay with us, and that was a 50K first.

Vera went home during the holidays, we think to a quiet household with an older man.

Arrival date: 11/13/2008
Departure date: 12/19/2008