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Litter number: 18
Kitten number: 74
Gender: f
Color: tortie

Nickname: Larky Lark, Lark the Shark
Siblings: Milo, Ella, Cider, Vera

The first night we had Lark, she showed off amazing, though manic, acrobatic stunts – leaping up in the air and literally bouncing off the walls of the shower with all four feet. She was totally insane! We named her Lark because she always seemed to be in flight.

After a few days, though, she calmed right down, and while athletic, she was no more hyperactive than average. She did maintain her fantastic leaping ability – one of our best ever. However, she also developed quite an affection for lap-sitting. As soon as she saw you she’d start up the purr motor, and although she loved to play with the turbo-ball and wrestle with her sibs, she had a very calm, people-oriented side.

The young couple who adopted Lark and Ella will enjoy lots of antics, affectionate nuzzling, and vocal commentary.

Arrival date: 11/13/2008
Departure date: 12/19/2008