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Litter number: 19
Kitten number: 75
Gender: m
Color: black + brown + gray

Nickname: Brenjamin, Toad
Siblings: unknown

was bundled with all-gray siblings Isabel and Ivory and sent to us for socialization. Brennen was big and strong enough to be adopted when he arrived at 50K, but he was a semi-feral scaredy-cat who would hide from people if given a chance, and then shrink and hiss when approached.

Concerned that he would disappear forever under the playground bed, we didnít let Brennen run free outside the bunkhouse during his first week or so with us. Though we usually found him huddled in a corner of the bunkhouse, he gradually stopped hissing and ducking when we tried to pick him up. And once held, he became a ready purrer who loved being stroked and groomed.

To speed his socialization, Martha hand-fed him Tuna for Cats with a spoon, and he slowly gained enough confidence to crawl onto her lap to get it. A day or so later, we saw him drop his defenses to play with the fleecy string for the first time. Watching Isabel and Ivoryís uninhibited romping definitely helped pull Brennen out of his shell.

When we finally set him free on the playground, he retreated under the bed, as we expected. But though we couldnít pick him up at first, he began to gradually emerge on his own. He would lie on the rug halfway out from under the bedskirt, so he could watch the fun and games but retreat quickly if approached. Before long he found him wrestling along the bedskirt with Ivory or Isabel, or sneaking out along the wall to play trackball or claw the wooden ladder.

And he continued to make progress every day. By the end of his stay with us, his socialization was almost normal. We hear his new family is quite smitten with him, and he likes to hop up onto the bed with his peeps at night.

Arrival date: 1/9/2009
Departure date: 2/2/2009