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Litter number: 19
Kitten number: 77
Gender: f
Color: gray

Nickname: Ivory Snow
Siblings: Isabel

sister of Isabel and a member of the Naugs litter. We couldn’t tell Isabel and Ivory apart without weighing them, so we gave Ivory a pink collar. For most of her stay with us, Ivory was a little bigger and stronger than Isabel, but she was also more people-oriented. When we opened the door to the bunkhouse in the morning and hopped back in bed, we’d hear purring around our ears and find Ivory had arrived to greet us.

Like Isabel, Ivory wasn’t shy about singing or chirping to get attention. The Naugs weren’t food-fiends like the Figs and Eels, so their vocals were usually intended to attract a playmate or to announce they wanted out of the bunkhouse. Like Isabel and Brennen, Ivory never needed meds or a trip to the vet during her stay at 50K, which made the Naugs the healthiest and lowest-maintenance litter we’ve ever fostered.

Arrival date: 1/9/2009
Departure date: 2/2/2009