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Litter number: 20
Kitten number: 78
Gender: m
Color: orange tabby

Nickname: Arnoldo
Siblings: Caddo

arrived at 50K along with brother Caddo as a two-week-old bottle-baby, three days before we were leaving for a week in Colorado. We nicknamed the two boys the Bottle Rockets, since they rocketed right back out of 50K while we were away. They spent a nice week with Jamie at Elephants Upstairs, then returned for six more weeks at 50K.

We were initially concerned that Arnie's distended belly meant diarrhea, but our fears on that front didnít materialize. He did suffer occasional spells of vomiting, and he and Caddo both had a nasty sick day that required rehydration via subcutaneous saline.

But Arnie always managed to shake off his setbacks, and grew into a cute and friendly orange tabby. While smaller than Caddo and unrelated Rockette Lois, Arnie was eventually able to hold his own with them in the relentless wresting and racing matches. Like Caddo, he loved to lick a sweaty human leg that had just come off the treadmill, or test his claws and teeth in a friendly way on our exposed skin.

Adopted quickly – along with Caddo! – by a young family with two pre-teen kids.

Arrival date: 3/7/2009
Departure date: 4/26/2009