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Litter number: 20
Kitten number: 79
Gender: m
Color: black + white

Nickname: Caddodo
Siblings: Arnie

was named after an Anglicization of the French word cadeaux, since he and Arnie arrived the night before Martha's birthday. Like Arnie, Caddo was a little guy with a swollen belly, so we immediately suspected we'd be battling diarrhea. To our relief that didn't really happen, and the usual regimen of Metronidzole kept the Rockets healthy. Caddo and Arnie had one very bad day when they lost weight and vomited repeatedly, but they recovered quickly and became fun-loving little mischief makers once we started letting them out on the playground.

Other than climbing onto the bed, Caddo and Arnie never really explored the vertical dimensions of the playground or bunkhouse, but they sure loved to wrestle. Especially Caddo, who was bigger than Arnie and therefore a better opponent for unrelated littermate Lois, who joined the Rockets for their last four weeks at 50K.

Caddo was one of the mouthiest kittens we've fostered. Not vocal – toothy. He loved to play-bite any unsuspecting peep with accessible exposed flesh. Otherwise he, Arnie and Lois were model citizens, who loved to romp and play but never yowled for their dinner or thumped the bunkhouse door to tell us they wanted out.

Adopted quickly – along with Arnie! – by a young family with two pre-teen kids.

Arrival date: 3/7/2009
Departure date: 4/26/2009