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Litter number: 22
Kitten number: 89
Gender: f
Color: dilute tortie + white

Nickname: Biba-toni
Siblings: Moby, Rocco, Trina

the true princess of the upstairs Castaways, Bibi was beset by a perenially dirty face, short asymmetrical whiskers, and what occasionally looked like bare spots around her nose and mouth. She was still one of the cutest kittens we've ever had. And an attention-grabber too; she would often sit near our feet and squawk until we picked her up.

Like her sister Trina, Bibi took a l-o-n-g time to gain weight, partly due to recurring sneezing and sniffles and partly because she ate like a bird. On days when she lost weight or seemed uninterested in food, we gave her supplemental Nutrical or slurry by syringe. She and Trina both also got Viralys by syringe, as we attempted to stave off URI issues.

While Bibi seemed to take one step back for every two steps forward, she eventually approached the 2.5-lb threshold as we prepared for our vacation. We took her back a few clicks shy of that level and she went on view while we were away - presumably before being spayed. She was snapped up immediately, as we knew she would be.

Arrival date: 6/30/2009
Departure date: 8/21/2009