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Litter number: 26
Kitten number: 106
Gender: m
Color: brown tabby

Siblings: unknown

a super-friendly young guy who spent a week at 50K after narrowly escaping the tragic fire that destroyed the Ritchie County animal shelter in West Virginia. We later learned that Remy's real name was Tony, and since his records were destroyed, we never knew how old he was. In some ways he resembled a kitten, in others a small young cat.

Remy followed us around like a puppy and was always underfoot. Though he was with us for a short time, his upbeat personality left a strong impression on us. Whenever we joined him in the villa or let him out downstairs while eating breakfast or watching TV, Remy would hang out with us, purr loudly, and "make biscuits" against our arms or sides. He was equally interested in charming our staff cats and dogs.

Remy left 50K to join another foster family, where he quickly made friends with a human, a cat, and a dog. Given his social skills, classic looks, and touching bio, we know Remy will find his forever home soon.

Arrival date: 1/15/2010
Departure date: 1/22/2010