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Litter number: 68
Kitten number: 275
Gender: f
Color: orange tabby

Siblings: Morgana, Arther, Merlin

a rare orange tabby female and for several weeks the alpha kitten in Gabby's Camelot litter. Before she went home, Nimue was overtaken by brother Merlin on the size and strength front, but she remained a super-playful wrestler and chaser who loved to race up and down the cat tree, mixing it up with Merlin and Morgana.

When a dad, mom, and their 7-year-old daughter came to visit Nimue, we still had Morgana and Merlin, but Nimue was the only kitten who came out from under the futon to play. And play, and play…

The family was delighted with her and committed to adopt her as soon as they returned from an upcoming vacation. Which they did. Nimue went home on the same day as Morgana, and like her sister got a cool new name: Stampy Cat, after a character created by a well-known Minecraft blogger.

Arrival date: 11/2/2015
Departure date: 12/13/2015