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Litter number: 68
Kitten number: 276
Gender: m
Color: tuxedo

Siblings: Morgana, Nimue, Merlin

a tuxie goofball, and the only medium-haired kitten in Gabby's Camelot foursome. Arther had striking looks highlighted by his round eyes, luxurious fur, and a black soul patch on his chin. On arrival at 50K he was the smallest but also the most peep-oriented of the Cams. When we sat on the futon, Arther would climb up to join us, then flip onto his back to fend off our fingers, or wander out onto our raised legs.

Arther's signature move was to flop over when we put him in the weighing bin. When we'd finished with him and were trying to weigh a sibling, he would often dive playfully back into the bin before we could reset it to weigh someone else. Arther wasn't much of a stringball player, but as he grew and gained confidence, he took to the upper reaches of the cat tree. We commonly found him presiding over his subjects from the lowest pod. He also enjoyed hopping from the tree to the dresser top, where he could paw objects off the edge or chew on the weight notebooks.

Arther was adopted by the family who took home Beryl (now Belle) and Pewter in 2011. During the summer of 2015, Pewter developed an incurable neurological illness and deteriorated until euthanization was the only option. When they were ready, the family chose Arther to be Belle's new companion and playmate. They renamed him Jem.

Arrival date: 11/2/2015
Departure date: 11/30/2015