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Litter number: 68
Kitten number: 277
Gender: m
Color: orange + white

Siblings: Morgana, Nimue, Arther

an orange-and-white boy and the last of the Camelot kittens to find a home. Like Nimue and (sometimes) Morgana, Merlin sometimes liked to hide under the futon when it was time for morning weigh-in. But we were always able to lure him out with toys.

After our first three weeks with the Cams, Merlin had clearly become the alpha male of the litter. He outweighed all his sibs and could easily hold his own in wrestling matches. First Arther went home (to a family with a young adult cat), then Nimue did the same, leaving Merlin with his mom Gabby and sister Morgana, whose smaller frame didn't stop her from having a big-cat attitude.

We'd hoped Merlin and Morgana might find a home together, but Morgana continued the trend and went home with a young couple as a little sis to their own adult cat. Luckily, a younger gray tabby named Alvin arrived to keep Merlin company. Alvin was much smaller than Merlin and had weepy eyes, but his sunny personality won us all over. After a few days of hissing and mutual avoidance, we found Merlin and Alvin snoozing together. We transferred them to another HT foster home before leaving for vacation on New Year's Eve.

Arrival date: 11/2/2015
Departure date: 12/29/2015