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kit 278 of 281


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Litter number: 68
Kitten number: 278
Gender: m
Color: gray tabby + white

Siblings: unknown

a cute singleton gray tabby, who joined Merlin and his mom Gabby in the 50K villa after our other three Camelot kittens had gone home. Alvin was 40% smaller than Merlin and fighting an upper-respiratory infection that made his eyes weepy and swollen.

But that didn't stop him from purring every time we touched him. His attitude and appetite were still in good shape. Alvin didn't let Merlin's hissiness and Gabby's standoffish behavior discourage him either. After a week of solid eating and frequent doses of lysine gel, he gained strength and slowly overcame his weepiness.

When Gabby was still growling at him after a few days, we transferred her up to the playground, leaving Alvin and Merlin alone in the villa. Sure enough, Merlin couldn't maintain his hissy behavior for long. By the third day the boys were eating side by side, and by the fourth they were napping together. Before leaving for vacation, we transferred Alvin and Merlin to another HT foster home, hoping they'd find their forever family together.

Arrival date: 12/20/2015
Departure date: 12/29/2015